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A Word to Young Politological Scientists

Countering anti-Russian economic sanctions: 2022–2023

The article provides an analysis of measures designed to counter anti-Russian sanctions. Countering sanctions is considered in the context of ensuring economic security. The article reveals decision making in the field of countering economic sanctions. It identifies the main directions of measures introduced to help the economy to adjust to the restrictions and to counter the threats posed by the new sanctions. Ensuring economic security in the context of sanctions is carried out at two levels: national and subnational.

Russian and Western approaches to the study of state policy in the aircraft industry: Comparative analysis

The article presents a comparative analysis of Russian and Western (North American and European) approaches to the study of public policy in the aircraft industry. The key works of Russian and foreign authors devoted to the analysis of state policy in the aviation industry are considered, the context of research is determined, as well as their main directions, the current state of the practice of studying state policy in the aviation industry in Russia and Western countries is described.

“Sovereign” future of Russian education as a political and managerial problem

The article forecasts the risks for the implementation of a new strategy of educational reforms in our country, which arise in the wake of uncertainty with the key idea of this strategy – i.e. to make the Russian education system “sovereign”.

Using video games in patriotic education

The article analyzes possibility of using video games for the patriotic education of youth. The experience of foreign and domestic game developers in filling them with political content is presented, which forms a certain attitude among users to politics, to its past and present, its values and subjects. The risks that may arise when using video games as a means of patriotic and civic education and that are important to consider when designing and implementing such educational technology are noted.

Emergency management and globalization: Modern challenges

Globalization has a significant impact on the process of emergency management. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the relevance of studying the problem of globalization in relation to emergency management. Nevertheless, this topic has been poorly studied in Russian science, while receiving some coverage abroad. This article examines both positive and negative aspects of the impact of globalization on the process of emergency management.

Threats to human security in Latin America

Like any other region of the world Latin America is a subject to threats that negatively affect the standard of living of people. The author identifi es and analyzes the main economic, social, political, and environmental threats of the region, referring to the documents of international organizations such as the UN, the World Bank, Human Rights Watch and experts studying the problems.

Problems of Lebanese democracy: Costs of the confessional system

The article deals with the diffi culties associated with the confessional system of government in Lebanon; the key characteristics of consociative democracy in Lebanon and its diff erences from other democratic systems are analyzed. A consociation is a system of governance that grants members of various faiths certain rights and political representation in government. In Lebanon, the confessional system was introduced in 1943 and has since played a key role in the country’s political system.

International political aspects of countering discrimination sports sanctions against the Russian Federation after the 2014 Olympic games

The article examines political aspects of the development of the doping scandal in international sports, which began after the 2014 Olympic Games. The accusations made against the Russian Federation for creating and supporting an institutionalized system of doping use point to the unprecedented nature of the information company. Despite the obvious political background of the doping scandal and the noticeable fl aws of the charges, Russian sports functionaries were unable to fully exploit the potential of the political information counteraction company.

Trust, distrust and fake news in the process of political legitimization

The article examines influence of factors of trust, distrust, and fake news on the level of legitimacy of state power and decisions taken. The position of the authors who establish a clear correlation between the level of legitimacy of the government and the level of development of its democratic institutions is disputed. The legitimacy of power is based on the assessment of the conformity of the position of authority and decisions made to the image of power formed in the civil consciousness and shared ideological positions.

The foreign policy strategy of the US ruling elites in the 21st century: Indo-Pacifi c region

The author focuses on the strategy of the US ruling elites in the Indo-Pacifi c region. Documents of American senior offi cials responsible for US foreign policy are used as sources. The concept of “Free and Open Indo-Pacifi c”, which refl ects the vision of Washington, is analyzed. The research hypothesis assumes that the US elite is pursuing a systematic policy of creating political and economic alliances with the countries of Southeast Asia to ensure world hegemony in the 21st century. China is their main competitor.