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Specifi cs of political science interpretation of political identities of young people N

The article substantiates the diff erence between political science and sociological approaches to the analysis of political identities of young people. The authors come to the conclusion that the sociological approach in most cases assumes that political identities of citizens are analyzed and interpreted by the researcher as relevant at the time of conducting sociological research as a resource and tool for political selfreproduction of the social system.

The role of sports in the system of socialization and healthy behavior of young people: Regional aspect

The article updates the need to study the role and importance of sports in the system of socialization and health-saving behavior of youth in the region (using the example of the Republic of Tatarstan). The understanding of the socialization system is being updated through the prism of the totality of the diversity of determination mechanisms and conditions that can act, including the conditions for the formation of value systems for a healthy lifestyle and playing sports, which formulated the research problem presented in this article.

Features of labor behavior of modern Russian youth

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the of modern Russian youth labor behavior specifics, namely: focus on the meaning and content of professional activity; desire for self-realization; the growing demand for social guarantees of labor provided by law; the importance of the fi nancial component; the importance of fair job evaluation; special requirements for the team, which should be based on a partnership type of relationship and be a set of friendly relations.

Value orientations of youth and regional security

The article analyzes results of an online survey (N = 2021) of young people (aged from 14 to 35 years) living in the Saratov region. The author summarizes answers related to the respondents’ value orientation. It is concluded that the value identifi cation and orientation of young people are infl uenced by the safe conditions of functioning of regional society, as well as global political events.

Ethnic identity of the student youth of the Republic of Bashkortostan: A sociological analysis

The article is devoted to the study of the ethnic identity of the student youth of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The purpose of the study is to identify the features of ethnic identity among modern students of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The empirical material of the study is based on the results of the sociological survey of students conducted in 2022 by the Russian Society of Sociologists in different regions of Russia, including the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Contemporary youth family values

The problem of value orientations of the younger generation, including family values, attracts considerable attention of researchers, since they form the core of values of young people, occupying leading positions in the structure of basic value orientations. A certain type of relationship and upbringing is built within the family circle where traditions and life experience are passed on.

The specifi cs of Saratov youth communication practices in social and virtual space

The article present the results of sociological monitoring conducted by the method of questioning in Saratov in 2022. According to the probabilistic quota-territorial sample, 698 young Saratov residents were interviewed. The results were processed in the SPSS program. The study showed that communication takes the fi fth place among the values of young people (after health, family, friendship and freedom). In the perceptions of young people, the most eff ective channel of communication is real "live" direct communication. They trust it the most.

Attitude of Russian youth to the special military operation in Ukraine: Impact of media practices

According to social surveys, the majority of Russian society as a whole supported the President’s decision to hold the special military operation (in what follows, the SMO). However, the level of this support appeared to be diff erent for diff erent social groups. It turned out, for example, that, compared with society in general, young people perceived the outbreak of hostilities more skeptical and critical. In this regard, this article is devoted to the analysis of the features and factors of formation of such an attitude of young people towards the SMO.

Unregistered marriage in the assessments of young people under the conditions of Russian society transformation

Under modern conditions, the institute of family and marriage relations is of stable research interest in the context of the transformation processes of society associated with the spread of various forms and models of unregistered marriage, which are popular among modern youth. Due to its institutional features, unregistered marriage has a number of advantages, in which the absence of legal foundations of marriage and mutual obligations between partners play a crucial role in choosing the forms and models of the future family.

Socio-demographic factors of the regional youth employment

The article presents the results of sociological monitoring conducted by the method of questioning in Saratov in 2022. According to the probabilistic quota sample, 480 people from 18 to 30 years old were interviewed. The selection criteria are gender and age. The results were processed in the SPSS program. The study showed that Saratov youth are mainly distinguished by paternalistic moods in employment, but, depending on gender, age and marital status, they have signifi cant diff erences in their orientations and problems.