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Social well-being and socio-psychological security of students with special needs in metropolis

Currently the study of the problems of people with special needs is seen in an interdisciplinary fi eld, where medicine and physiology come into contact with urban, socio-cultural aspects of life, allowing to expand the range of problems of social inclusion and disability and consider them from a new research perspective. The purpose of the research is to study the social well-being of persons with special needs in the context of the inclusiveness into urban space.

Подготовка кадров для наукоемких производств в системе непрерывного образования

At present the higher education system does not meet the employer’s requests. Therefore, the concept of lifelong education is becoming more and more relevant. One of the aspects of such education is a corporate university which not only provides the necessary knowledge to work for a particular company, but also improves general cultural skills. On the basis of expert interviews (N = 100) conducted in 2017–2019. it was considered as high-tech industries are ready to participate in personnel training in order to have well-trained employees and receive economic profit.

Демографический потенциал стран Юго-Восточной Азии в контексте образовательной политики России

In accordance with the national policy of the Russian Federation in the fi eld of education, the state is making eff orts to attract foreign students to the country’s universities. The Southeast Asia, with its signifi cant demographic potential and prospects for economic growth is one of the promising areas for expanding the export of the Russian education.

Рейтинг университета как элемент аттрактивности для потенциальных абитуриентов

The article presents the results of the students’ preferences study when choosing a place to receive higher education. The study was conducted at the Faculty of Philology at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, its methodology is based on the principles of a survey implemented online on the RAEX Rating Review portal on June 14–23, 2022; the results are compared.