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social services

Удовлетворенность пожилых людей системой социального обслуживания населения: региональный аспект

The article is devoted to the actual, but little-studied problem of satisfaction of elderly citizens, as the recipients of services, with the system of the population social services. The article points out that in the period of increasing importance of the will of citizens in all spheres of life, the study of the social service system through the prism of public opinion becomes particularly relevant, as the population is the main consumer of social services offered by the state.

Социальное обслуживание пожилых граждан: взгляд получателей услуг

The article is devoted to the urgent problem – the study of the availability of state paid social services, the degree of satisfaction of elderly citizens with them, as well as the study of their cost and the proposed spectrum. The article presents the results of quantitative (questionnaire survey) and qualitative (interview) studies conducted by the authors as a part of a research group at the Chair of Sociology of Social Work of Saratov State University in Saratov and the region.

Удовлетворенность сотрудников социальных служб работой в период организационных изменений

The article presents the results of a comprehensive study of “Social Support Department” and “Employment Center”, implemented by the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Saratov region. The theoretical framework fi xes the key authors for this topic and marks the main approaches to understanding satisfaction. The complexity of this phenomenon is noted, which generates a variety of interpretations in both foreign and domestic research tradition.