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Gender aspects of the gaming practices in the youth segment of the Russian computer games audience

In the last decade, all over the world and in Russia, in particular, there has been an active development of the computer games industry and an increase in the gaming audience, while an outstripping growth of the youth audience is recorded every year. The presentation of the realities of the gaming audience of computer games is fruitful, taking into account the gender characteristics accumulated in computer games.

Специфика коммуникативных практик саратовской молодежи в социальном и виртуальном пространстве

The article present the results of sociological monitoring conducted by the method of questioning in Saratov in 2022. According to the probabilistic quota-territorial sample, 698 young Saratov residents were interviewed. The results were processed in the SPSS program. The study showed that communication takes the fi fth place among the values of young people (after health, family, friendship and freedom). In the perceptions of young people, the most eff ective channel of communication is real "live" direct communication. They trust it the most.

Семейные ценности современной молодежи

The problem of value orientations of the younger generation, including family values, attracts considerable attention of researchers, since they form the core of values of young people, occupying leading positions in the structure of basic value orientations. A certain type of relationship and upbringing is built within the family circle where traditions and life experience are passed on.

Этническая идентичность студенческой молодежи Республики Башкортостан: социологический анализ

The article is devoted to the study of the ethnic identity of the student youth of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The purpose of the study is to identify the features of ethnic identity among modern students of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The empirical material of the study is based on the results of the sociological survey of students conducted in 2022 by the Russian Society of Sociologists in different regions of Russia, including the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Ценностные ориентации молодежи и региональная безопасность

The article analyzes results of an online survey (N = 2021) of young people (aged from 14 to 35 years) living in the Saratov region. The author summarizes answers related to the respondents’ value orientation. It is concluded that the value identifi cation and orientation of young people are infl uenced by the safe conditions of functioning of regional society, as well as global political events.