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Unregistered marriage in the assessments of young people under the conditions of Russian society transformation

Under modern conditions, the institute of family and marriage relations is of stable research interest in the context of the transformation processes of society associated with the spread of various forms and models of unregistered marriage, which are popular among modern youth. Due to its institutional features, unregistered marriage has a number of advantages, in which the absence of legal foundations of marriage and mutual obligations between partners play a crucial role in choosing the forms and models of the future family.

Socio-demographic factors of the regional youth employment

The article presents the results of sociological monitoring conducted by the method of questioning in Saratov in 2022. According to the probabilistic quota sample, 480 people from 18 to 30 years old were interviewed. The selection criteria are gender and age. The results were processed in the SPSS program. The study showed that Saratov youth are mainly distinguished by paternalistic moods in employment, but, depending on gender, age and marital status, they have signifi cant diff erences in their orientations and problems.

Construction of Social Welfare in the Biographical Stories Youth

The article presents the results of a study of social well-being of young people of the Volga region. The analysis of materials biographical interviews were identified types of social cohesion, factors of its formation, described the degree of relationship with the social wellbeing of youth social cohesion in the context of socio-cultural.

Youth Segment of the Labor Market of the Saratov Region: Adaptation to Modern Realities and Stability

The article is devoted to youth labor market. The dependence of the adaptation of qualifications, experience, as well as factors that contribute to the instability of the youth market.

Experience in Implementing Programs for Youth Policy in the Country

This article discusses the analysis of youth policy abroad, in the Germany and Sweden, specifics of studying the processes of socialization of the young generation in the framework of the state youth policy.

Role of Musical Culture in Forming of Youth`s Value Orientations

This article is devote to analysis of musical culture`s role in youth`s life. Particular importance attached to definition of character and force influence of musical culture on the youth`s value orientations. Based on results of sociological researches were described musical culture of youths, selection criteria of musical styles and places of listening to. It was offered the classification of youth`s musical orientation. It was assessed influence of musical culture and their other forms on the society.

Features Values Youth Employment in Regional Perspective (on the Example of Saratov)

Thе article discusses the features of the labour values of youth as a specific socio-demographic groups, the role of youth as object and subject in the development of economic, political and cultural life, the study provides an opportunity for updating and forecasting targeted state youth policy in the region.

Youth Social Well-being in Socio-economic Conditions of Modernization

The article presents exploring of the key concepts of youth’s social wellbeing of youth in the circumstance of modernization applying of the empirical data carried out with the help of the qualitative methodology by the expert interviews with officials and representatives of the academic institutions and public organizations.

Some Aspects of Tolerant Consciousness of Student’s Youth of the Chechen Republic

Results of the sociological research conducted in 2013 for the purpose of studying of level of tolerant consciousness of youth of the Chechen Republic are given in article. Specifics of ethnoconfessional identity and formation of tolerant installations of students are considered.

Роль Русской православной церкви в политической социализации молодежи

In article participation of Russian Orthodox Church in political socialization of modern youth in Russia is analyzed. Characteristics of forms and methods of church youth policy with which the ROC expands are distinguished and deepens the religious influence on youth, at the same time promoting process of assimilation by the person of the values and regulations leading to forming of the qualities and properties allowing to adapt in this political system and to carry out political roles and functions.