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Досуговые практики молодых рабочих промышленных предприятий

The paper describes industrial enterprises young workers leisure in Ulyanovsk. They are considered in the context of their working activity, family and consumer style. The factors connected with a work-rest schedule at the industrial enterprises, material well-being, family and children, and other biographic facts are highlighted. Leisure places of free time are characterized.

Стратегии занятости: в поисках концептуального обоснования инновационной политики

The paper considered approaches to definition of strategy of employment, one of the most widespread concepts of modern researches of labor market. Features of each approach are described: their key categories, methodological assumptions and turning out typology. Restrictions are specified in application of the described approaches and a way of their overcoming.

Развитие интеллектуального потенциала как перспективное направление работы с молодежью

The article discusses new approaches to the development of the intellectual potential of young people. The peculiarities and distinctive features of youth participation in programs and competitions aimed at the development of intellectual abilities is studied. Age peculiarities of youth intelligence development from the educational and sociological approaches are analyzed.

Структура и функции молодежной самозанятости в регионе

The social space of the contemporary Russian labor market is characterized by the growing dynamics of changes, its structure becoming more differentiated and amorphous. Nonstandard, unsustainable employment including selfemployment practices gains larger scale. The above mentioned changes have controversial social consequences, especially at the regional level, where the problems of human capital preservation and reproduction are of importance.

Модели отношения молодого поколения к казахстанским молодежным объединениям

The article presents the results of youth public opinion polls revealing three approaches to youth organizations development: political-ideological structure (a dominant one); socialization mechanism; a response to the youth problems, needs and demands. The study made it possible to reveal four attitude models of Kazakhstan youth to their associations: 1) active-conforming one, focused on achieving success within social norms (every fifth citizen of Kazakhstan); 2) radically-protestant (1–2%); 3) passive majority; 4) absentive (about 20%).

Социальная инфраструктура города как отражение качества физического пространства

The modern process of urbanization actualizes the urban space social infrastructure organization quality. The article deals with organizing as one of most important components of the city’s social infrastructure – a physical space. The physical urban space is considered as a complex and diverse organism, consisting of certain clusters: nature-ecological, engineering, transport, culturally-historical, socially-settling. They form a single, complementary and ever-changing system that provides urban residents with a full range of functions.

Роль физической культуры и спорта в системе патриотического воспитания молодежи и механизме формирования гражданской идентичности личности

The mechanism of the person’s civil identity formation as a whole comprises, among other things, a patriotic component. The aspect of patriotic education of the young generation in the light of the global situation aggravation in the geopolitical arena acquires a special meaning. Besides, many recent investigations emphasized the need of transforming the new generation’s civil-patriotic education system.

Основные факторы формирования патриотических настроений у молодого поколения в современных социальных условиях

The article deals with the actual problems of Patriotic education of young people, the change of value orientations under the influence of external factors. The perspectives of the youth patriotism education development reveal the basic concepts of patriotism and the modern interpretation and the main factors in the Patriotic moods’ formation among the young generation under modern social conditions are highlighted.

Интернет-технологии воздействия на социально-политическую активность молодежи: социологический анализ

The article presents the results of the study that included the materials of two authors’ social polls (Nizhny Novgorod, 2020, n = 560) and the data on the search queries of Internet users from the WordStat service from “Yandex” company. The main research is dedicated to assessing technologies for influencing the socio-political activity of young people.

Тенденции развития научно-образовательного пространства в современной России

The article considers the fundamental concept of «scientific and educational space» as the integration of two fundamental spheres – science and education, on the one hand, and the territorial space of our country, on the other. The article deals with the trends in the development of scientific and educational space and their interaction with the Russian urban environment and province. The problem of increasing the human and intellectual potential of the territory is studied.