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Information Preferences, Current Problems’ Evaluation, and Attitude to the Government of the Provincial Constituents in Anticipation of the Federal Parliamentary Elections (Analysis of the Massive Social Surveys and Focus-group Investigations’ Results)

The authors analyze the results of the massive social surveys and focus-group investigations conducted in November–December, 2015 in municipal districts of Saratov region which are the parts of Saratov district constituency. People’s informational preferences, their attitude to the government, politicians, and elections were probed. Specific recommendations on elaborating electoral strategies in the run-up to the State Duma elections have been formulated.


Patriotism is very ambiguous, the meaning and the value of which is estimated often diametrically opposite. It is viewed from the perspective of many humanities – philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc. The article contains the results of the research of the youth patriotism (N = 320), which was conducted in April – May 2015 in Saratov region.

Доверие к власти в региональном контексте: социологическое измерение

In article on the basis of results of sociological poll of the Saratov region the level of trust of residents of the region authorities of various levels is analyzed. During the analysis direct correlation link is revealed: the level of the power is higher – the level of evaluation of quality of work of its representative is higher. High level of approval of Russian President activity is revealed. So, nearly 70% of inhabitants of the Saratov region completely or mostly support and approve his activity.

Потенциал общественной дипломатии в Саратовской области: анализ результатов социологических опросов

The article contains the results of the opinion polls concerning the way people evaluate public diplomacy potential in Saratov region. The role of mobility of near abroad states’ citizens, as well as networks of personal and kindred contacts in developing public diplomacy practices is defined.